Kid-Friendly Workshops

We include the younger generation as much as possible in our workshops, allowing them to attend at no cost with their supervising adult. We strongly believe that building skills and capability provides a foundation for confidence and competence.

I recently had my 15 month old niece help me put together a breakfast scramble. Granted, I did more of the helping than she did but we had great fun – and at just over a year old she worked alongside me to create a wholesome meal.

If you’re wondering if a workshop is appropriate for you to bring your child, whatever their age, please don’t hesitate to reach out and see if we can make it work. If we safely can, we will!

These are our favorite kid-friendly workshops. If you’re interested in something that is not on the current workshop calendar, let us know and we’ll set something up!

Fermentation – Kombucha, Kimchi and Kraut

Homemade Baking and Pancake Mix

How to Make Bread

Make a Tortilla!

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