Scratch Cooking – Make a Tortilla! (Great for Kids!)

In this workshop we’ll turn our classroom into a Tortilla-ria! We mix the dough, roll it into balls, squish them flat, and cook our tortillas up fresh on a griddle. While the dough is resting we’ll use the Instant Pot to whip up some seasoned rice and beans.

We’ll also griddle up some cheese quesadillas to share, paired with Downtown Homesteader home-canned salsas, and enjoy the fruits of our labor.  You’ll go home with a stack of fresh tortillas and some seasoned rice and beans to serve for dinner.

Bring an adult beverage (if you’d like), roll up your sleeves, and get dinner prep done while having a great time! Children attend free with a supervising adult.

Contact Me to set up a custom class or get on the list to learn about upcoming opportunities!

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