Homemade Baking and Pancake Mix

One of my all-time favorite kitchen creations was a SHAKE-IT-UP pancake kit I made up before heading out on a road trip to visit friends with young kiddos. A quart jar with some homemade baking mix and instructions to add eggs, water and melted butter was good fun for the kids to shake up and yielded an easy, low-mess pile of pancakes.

In this totally kids-friendly workshop we won’t worry about mess at all as we put together a homemade baking mix that can be used for pancakes, waffles, biscuits or dumplings. You’ll go home with a SHAKE-IT-UP kit and instructions how to recreate the mix at home for pennies compared to what it costs to buy Bisquik. We’ll even make a jar up and cook it off for everyone to enjoy with some Downtown Homesteader home canned fruit syrup. Join us for a tasty, good time!

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