Water Bath Canning

canning class jar of marinara

In this hands-on workshop experience you will prepare and process a food product to make it shelf-stable, and go home with a jar to add to your pantry.

While the product we preserve will change depending on the kinds of foods in season at the time of the workshop, you will learn:

    • the basic principles of water bath canning
    • when to use it vs. pressure canning
    • how to eliminate the risk of foodborne illness
    • the equipment you need
    • what you may want to have to make the process more efficient.

Depending on the season and what I’ve grown, foraged, or have easy access to, we may have workshops for using a hot water bath to preserve things like:

    • marinara sauce
    • pickles, relishes and dilly beans
    • condiments like salsa, ketchup and bbq sauce
    • jams and jellies
    • fruit juices like apple cider
    • who knows what else??

Turning something that will last only a few days in your refrigerator into something that will last for years on your pantry shelf is magical. It is for me at least, even after thousands of jars behind me. I hope you come join us to learn this valuable skill, harnessing the power of a simple pot of boiling water to provide for you all year long.

Contact Me to set up a custom class or get on our list to receive updates on upcoming opportunities!

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