30g beeswax pellets
63g coconut oil
14g shea butter
14g cacao butter
5g olive oil
5g vitamin E oil
5-10drops essential oil of choice (optional)

Gently melt all ingredients except essential oil in a double boiler, slow cooker, or 30sec at a time in the microwave.

Add essential oil and stir gently for 1 minute to thoroughly combine all ingredients.

Test by dripping one drop on a plate and allowing it to solidify. If it feels too soft, add a bit more beeswax. If it feels too firm, add a bit more olive oil and test again. **Keep in mind you want this to hold it’s form even while in a pocket or on a hot day. Adding more liquid oil will lower the melting point of the solid balm.**

Pour into tins, tubes or even a small/shallow mason jar. Use on lips or any areas of dry skin.

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