Pressure Canning

In this hands-on workshop experience you will prepare and process a low-acid food product and go home with a shelf-stable jar to add to your pantry!

While the product we process will change depending on what kinds of foods are in season at the time of the workshop, what you will learn in this class are the basic principles of pressure canning, when to use it vs. water bath, how to eliminate the risk of foodborne illness, and the equipment you need and may want to have to make the process more efficient. Pressure canning does require a pressure canner, but very few additional tools.

Depending on the season and what I’ve grown, foraged, or have easy access to, we may have workshops for using a pressure canner to preserve:

    • Broth/Stock
    • Beans
    • Vegetables (not pickled)
    • Meat
    • Homemade Soup or Chili
    • Who knows what else??

Canning is always magical to me, but pressure canning is especially amazing. It unleashes a whole new world of preservation, enabling you to can (almost) anything. Every week we enjoy any number of things from our canning efforts, from chicken into chicken salad, ground beef into tacos, meat sauce or chili… and stock!!  I haven’t paid multiple dollars for a cardboard container of grocery store broth in over 5 years.

I hope you join us to learn this valuable skill so you can preserve a harvest, manage an economical kitchen, and put instant meals on the shelf for your family!

Contact Me to set up a custom class or get on our list to receive updates of new offerings! 

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