Pantry Management

If your family cannot go two weeks to a month without going to the grocery store, you need this workshop.

This is not a siren call to panic and dash to the store to buy all the things! Rather, we focus on level-headed, routine practices to gradually build a reserve of commonly used items so that you can responsibly manage your family’s needs and finances.

You will learn:

    • How to develop a functional home pantry
    • How to use rotational inventory to prevent food waste
    • Different forms of food preservation and the benefits of each
    • Meal planning as a tool for pantry management
    • How to maximize the shelf life of your stored goods
    • How long a can of corn actually lasts
    • and more!

Prior to the workshop I will provide you a worksheet for you to inventory a few of your most-used household items.

We’ll use that list during the workshop to practice calculating how much of a particular item you need to store for the length of time you want to have it on hand. This is an invaluable skill that really upped my pantry game from just guessing how much we might need (I was not good at this initially) to knowing with very good accuracy what a monthly or quarterly supply of everything we use looks like.

It is incredibly empowering to have the things you use on a regular basis in stock, all the time, on your own shelves.

It enables you to continue on as you typically live during short term supply interruptions, financial adjustments, illness or other stressful life events. Last minute trips to the store because you ran out of something can be a thing of the past. And good pantry management serves as a hedge against inflation when you are able to purchase a useable amount of surplus before prices go up and can manage frugal bulk purchases.

Contact me to set up a custom class or get on the list to receive updates on new opportunities!

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