Scratch Cooking – Spaetzle (German Noodles)


In this workshop we tap into Mr. Homesteader’s family roots and teach you how to make a tasty egg noodle common in German culture. Made with very few basic pantry staples, these noodles are versatile and can be served up with traditional German roast just as easily as they can be made into a tasty mac n cheese or toasted in butter and served with swedish meatballs, grilled chicken, or dropped into a soup.

You will practice making the batter both by measurement and by ‘feel’, making noodles with a press or with a simple cutting board and knife, how to cook them, what to do with them after they’re boiled, and how to preserve them (if you can avoid eating them all!). You will go home with enough prepared spatzle to enjoy with your family, along with instructions for how to make it again and again! We will also sample the noodles during the class after we demonstrate at least one tasty way to serve them up! Schmeckt gut!

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