Dehydration is one of the oldest, most time-tested forms of food preservation.

Mastering this technique will allow you to preserve a wide variety of foods including meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables. Dehydrating is very safe, can be done with minimal equipment, and takes up little space. For these reasons and more, dehydration is a great way to get started down the path of food preservation without a lot of effort or cost.

Some of my favorite dehydration projects include:

  • Cucumber and fruit slices to make flavored water all winter
  • Powdered apples, sweet potatoes, blueberries, peas and acorn squash for instant baby food. This is great to keep in the diaper bag without worry it might go bad
  • Backpacking meals like instant rice or pasta, dried eggs, or dehydrated chili can be made affordably and with complete control of ingredients
  • Jerky – it is one of my go-to snacks to keep in the car, purse or backpack
  • Dried tomatoes are great for sauces, soup base, tomato paste, aioli flavoring, and oil-packed “sun-dried” tomatoes
  • Herbs and seasonings are very inexpensive to grow at home. Preserve your own for optimal flavor, freshness and frugality.
  • Wildflowers and herbs for teas and tinctures

The ingredients we preserve in each workshop will vary depending on season and ingredient availability, but each class will offer an overview of how to preserve multiple types of food.

Contact me to set up a custom class or get on the list to receive updates on new opportunities!

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