Canning Supplies (updated 03.21.24)


Presto Adjustable weight ~$10 – turn gauge canner into weight canner (easier to monitor with your ears than your eyes when doing other things)

Canning Essentials Utensil Kit ~$15

Canning Ladle – Stainless Steel ~$12

Canning Funnel – Stainless Steel ~$6

Jar Tongs ~$8

Stick Blender ~$35

Vegetable Chopper ~$20


Ball Blue Book Guide to Preservation ~25 paperback, $9 Kindle.

Ball Complete Book of Home Food Preservation ~$19 “the canning bible”


Pomona’s Pectin 1 box makes 2-4 batches of jam for ~$4 – sets every time, can use low/no sugar or any sugar substitute

Sure Jell 3ct ~$15 – most commonly used, cannot adjust amount of sugar or use substitutes


  • Electric Pressure Canners – often sold out. Flag in Amazon for a notification when in stock.
    • NESCO/Carey ~$150 (same product, they changed brand names) – holds 4 quart jars
      • Best value
    • Presto Precise  ~$300 – holds 5 quart jars
      • Most costly, but cans the most jars
    • Instant Pot Max  – ~$150 holds 4 pint jars
      • Most versatile, but can only handle pints
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